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As usual the fit is just right and are very comfortable. You can always depend on Hanes they are great.
Just what I wanted for a great price!
Sturdy and sleek.
Hat was a little too small for my husband. Brim was much stiffer than I expected. I returned it.
Cool but very inaccurate I have to reset it every day
Fit great. Like the flexible frame, look and weight. Polarize lighten up and block the sun. Color you see is same as lens. Item as described!
Great for blocking sun while driving. Worth It !!!!
NEVER going back to either of the 2 above mentioned, overpriced products. These are the best underwear I've ever owned and will be buying more. Heavy material, but not to heavy. Great SOLID waistband to actually stay in place. Soft material. Hands down best.
I received the cap & gown but the tassels wasn’t in the package
Incorrect lenth
Someone gave me one of these a few years ago and and it quickly became one of my favorite cold weather garments. The quality of the fleece is very good, the pocket is roomy enough for my hands and a few small items and the hood closes nicely around my face. It also feels very comfortable when I wear it. I have not found all hoodies to have these qualities. The price was nice too.
Perfect - I already ordered some more.
Happy that I went back to this bi-fold style wallet. Well made and ID window is a nice touch
Good. Would be better if price was lower. LOL. Yeap, I'm frugal
the fit is as expected and the fabric is nice. We would order this again
Way too tight on the ankle. Can’t wear them.
This slim wallet/money clip seemed like a good idea, and functionally it is! However, from the time I received it until now, it has had a very strong musty odor which I can't make disappear no matter what I do. Consequently this product is unpleasant to use because of its strong smell.
Bought Small. Sleeves are awkwardly long, almost reached tips of fingers. Don't know if that's on purpose to help protect hands. Overall shirt is even a bit bigger than expected for a small. Stitching seemed good on arrival. I didn't have this problem for there Non- UPF shirts but next time will buy different brand UPFshirt that makes smaller smalls. If you buy medium I would recommend the small.
Was very happy everyone liked it
Love the many pockets. It is a little floppy.
Quality shorts
Fit over my regular glasses easily. They cut the glare so much, i’m finally able to drive at night. Would recommend to anyone looking for night vision glasses.
Duh. Of course you need this hat! They keep your head warm and can also be fashionable. Very simple too. What's not to like! They're not to bulky, as some hats, but are enough to keep your head warm. I've bought at least 12 of these for family and friends and a few for myself.
This is a medium weight cotton shirt - that is, the cloth is not thin. It's comfortable and understated with its grey check pattern. It's 100% cotton, and is by no means wrinkle free - if you get it out of the dryer at the right time, you might get it 60-70% wrinkle free. But for casual use it's usually enough. (There's also a short-sleeve version of this shirt, and the wrinkles are mostly at the sleeve.) All in all, a comfy shirt for casual or even office wear, depending on your office.
Looks like real leather. Has a detachable shoulder strap. Has two main compartments inside and a zippered compartment in the center. Also has a zippered pocket on the outside. Perfect size. Not too big and not to small. Comes with a hanging charm attached to a bow attached to the handle. It also has four studs on the bottom. I like it a lot and it was priced reasonably.
My husband loves these shirts. Nice, thick t-shirt.
This purse is so cute and convenient. I have 2 kids and always have a diaper bag with me and never take a purse because it is too much of a hassle. So I end up putting some of my essentials like cellphone and makeup in the diaper bag, and then need to fish them out. It is always so inconvenient and annoying,
I wear this purse and I barely even notice it. It is so lightweight and doesn’t get in the way. It has 2 compartments in the inside and 1 in the back. It it perfect for the essentials that every woman needs. The fabric is also very thick and sturdy. I’m sure this will last me for years to come.
Everything about it
buenas medias y la calidad es increíble, lo recomiendo y las he comprado 2 veces.
Wife loves it, and it came well packed.
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