1 Women's High Waisted Briefs|ecobbler diy shoe repair tips_shoe repair do it yourself

ecobbler diy shoe repair tips_shoe repair do it yourself

Love these socks as they come in XL size which is often hard to find.
Great fit and made well, no complaints.
got it for my dad for x-mes and he said that they were OK they could of done better
I personally thought he metal of this glasses looked cheap, very dull and textured. not for me
I love my backpack purse, it was perfect for my Costa Rica trip, used as both purse and back pack. It has several different pockets, some zipper and a couple not. Love it!
Adorable perfect for a phone and small essentials and cards !
good shirt, thickness is just right by itself or under shirt.
Much softer, less chafing than regular carhardts but still durable. Would recommend to work in for sure. Wish there were more colors in this style.
Loved it!
One of the earrings broke as soon as I took them out of the bag.
This is the second pair of these for me after the first endured 6 years of tough trips. I was so impressed, I sought out a new, identical pair. I admit the first pair really didn't fail on their own. I was sitting on rocks and slid downhill a bit, which cut the pants. No rain pant is perfect, but this is close enough for my needs...Reasonable, price, too.
Fit amazing, super soft.
Always a wonderful product
Silky but not very soft. Material doesn't give like you expect a micromodal fabric to. Inseam is to short for me.
They get too easily tangled and don’t stay in position
The smartphone crossbody is large enough to hold everything I need including my phone, but small enough to be a compact wallet. Perfect.
Nice socks, stay in place, they are comfortable.
I love them,only thing is they were bigger than I thought they would be.
Great sunglasses with polarization. Great price!!
Muy pequeño
Good quality
I love this rashguard! Most rashguards are shirtsleeve t shirt style. My granddaughter is extremely fair skinned & we also had to take into consideration a surgery scar & radiation burns. This is a long sleeved one piece suit which snaps at the bottom. It is SO cute and girly. I love it, my daughter loves it & my granddaughter loves it!
First shirt was fine, fit was good and didn’t notice any issues with seams. Second shirt I tried looks like they sewed the wrong sleeve one one of the arms... feels super awkward and looks odd too so that shirt is worthless. I will stick to the main brands of basic plain t’s from now on.
Bought for husband, he likes.
These are lightweight yet perfect for everyday wear!
My husband goes through sunglasses like candy and is very particular about what he likes. Most sunglasses hurt his ears after wearing them all day driving truck but these don’t. He thought they were easily double what I paid. I’ll reorder as soon as he loses/runs this pair over 🙄
Very nice wallet.
Recieved the socks today. They cut the neuropathy in half.
Very cute but cheaply made
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